Advent Motherboard

  XiFi 16:29 27 Jun 2007


I have the Advent T9102: click here

Unfortunately I blew my motherboard and need a MS 7046 motherboard or a motherboard that is the same or better, please advice on where I can purchase one from, preferably in a budget of £30 - £80.



  cream. 17:15 27 Jun 2007

This one click here

  XiFi 15:03 28 Jun 2007

Thanks for the help :-)

  XiFi 22:21 04 Jul 2007

I bought that motherboard from ebay and installed it into my machine, it turns on for a little while (around 30seconds) then cuts off, I havent put any thermal stuff on the CPU and heatsink so would this be the cpu over heating? Also when my motherboard blew the firt time I wasnt too sure if the CPU was damaged as well. So what could the possible problem be? everything else is in place. I obviously dont want to buy a new CPU if the old one works fine.

  XiFi 22:23 04 Jul 2007

It comes on for 30 seconds with the fan and everything working then suddenly cuts off and then turns it self back on again, it does this repeatedly.

  umbongo(uk) 22:27 04 Jul 2007

use thermal paste
its there to make better contact with the heatsink

  XiFi 09:28 10 Jul 2007

Thanks for the help, I was waiting for the paste to arrive before I replied. I have tried it with paste now but still the same thing happens, is it the CPU?

  manrow 09:43 10 Jul 2007

This fault sounds similar to that which affected my new ADVENT 7111 a few months ago.

Repaired under warranty by PC World - new motherboard required.

Hope you are luckier than that.

  [email protected] 09:59 10 Jul 2007

I don't think you can just plug in a new mobo and away you go! For me it's a complete re-install of the OS with all the relevant drivers.

  XiFi 10:09 10 Jul 2007

The new motherboard is exactly the same, every component is in place, the cpu has been thermal pasted but the pc stil comes on for 30 seconds then switches off and on, off and on, so it must be a power problem?
The power cable is fine so it has to be the CPU? When the motherboard blew there was a big chance that the CPU went with it or it could of been just the CPU.

  [email protected] 11:29 10 Jul 2007

You say the mobo is exactly the same. Physically it may be but is the BIOS the same version?

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