Advent Laptop keyboard replacement

  chrisbenwalker 09:13 08 Jul 2008

I have an Advent 7102 bought from PC World which has a faulty keyboard afetr a can of coke was spilt down it.
There wasn't much spilt, but enough to stop the function key, ctrl and windows key next to the space bar working.
I have found a replacement on Ebay for about £25 all in, but I don't want to attempt a swap over if the job is too difficult.
Is this something a novice could do, or is it a tricky job that I chould not attempt?

  rawprawn 09:35 08 Jul 2008

click here
Scroll down to memoru upgrades. It tells you how to remove the keyboard.
I hope this helps, although I have always felt laptops are best left to professionals, but it does sound relatively easy.

  chrisbenwalker 19:09 08 Jul 2008

Thanks for the reply Rawprawn. I have had a look at the instructions and was simple enough to lift out the keyboard from the laptop.
Below this though is a ribbon that goes under a metal plate. After unscrewing this, it looks like a connection that is possibly soldered to some kind of circuit board. I don't know too much about laptops, although does this sound like the usual?
I emailed the Ebay seller I want to buy the keyboard from, and he said it was simple to remove, but mentioned nothing about the possibility of soldering etc....
I am awaiting a reply from him, although I (maybe hastily) made an offer to him for the keyboard, before I discovered this ribbon issue, which he is yet to accept or decline...

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