Advent laptop - Free space practically Nil????

  compumac 11:53 16 Apr 2010

My son has an Advent 7113 laptop that has a 80Gb hard disc. A dialogue box comes up repeatedly indicating that there is a space problem. Using Windows Explorer shows that there is only 5Mb of space free. But adding up all of the folders shown including hidden files etc, the total calculated used space is only in the region of 25Gb. The Recycle bin is virtually empty. Where is the other 50Gb? There are very few TMP files - about 2mb and that is all.

  onthelimit 11:57 16 Apr 2010

What do you see if you double click My Computer and right click C Drive then properties?

  compumac 12:01 16 Apr 2010

5mb free.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:09 16 Apr 2010

Is the hard drive partitioned into two drives?

Click my computer what drives are shown ?

  onthelimit 12:13 16 Apr 2010

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  canarieslover 13:41 16 Apr 2010

If it is Vista then try Disk Clean Up. click here

If the machine is running without problems then select to remove all restore points except last. This will probably give you back a very large proportion of your 'lost' disk space.

  compumac 14:40 16 Apr 2010

Thanks for replies. Will not be able to evaluate responses until late tomorrow.

  compumac 11:47 17 Apr 2010

Capacity of C: 74.5Gb
Free space now 1.16Gb after Disk Cleanup and the option to remove all but the last System restore were performed. But there should be loads more space than that.
Just found Program data/avg9/dumps contains 51.8Gb!!!
What the heck???

  lister_infiji 11:57 17 Apr 2010

Firstly, a quick way to make space (will free at least 1GB I would imagine) is to remove all the downloads Windows keeps from all the Windows updates you have downloaded, even though they've been used already.

1.) Open 'My Computer' (assuming XP here - if Vista let me know it's slightly different)
2.) Click on the 'tools' menu and in here click 'folder options.'
3.) In the folder options, click on the 'view' tab.
4.) Under the 'hidden files and folders' option select 'show hidden files and folders.'
5.) Click 'OK.'
6.) Back in 'My Computer,' go into your C: drive, then go into the Windows folder.
7.) Delete all the folders at the start of the list that start and end with a $ symbol.

I think (not sure though) you need the paid for version of CCleaner for it to remove these files? I might be wrong on that score though I haven't used it in ages.

The other thing I would suggest is downloading 'TreeSize Free' (just Google it), which will analyse your hard disk and show you exactly what is taking up a large amount of space.

  lister_infiji 12:00 17 Apr 2010

Oh just read that last bit now.. *grins* Don't use AVG it's not the best AV by a long shot :) I'd GUESS those are simply memory dumps and likely deletable, but I'd ask somebody who is an expert on AVG to be sure, as I can't promise you thsat holds true. I'd also ask WHY the folder is so large to begin with as well.

If you can get the corporate version I'd suggest Symantec AV personally, but as a home user your best bet is probably ESET NOD32.. But yes that is pay for software.

  compumac 12:01 17 Apr 2010

Thanks for input but the problem is as per AVG9 Dump files. AVG 9 would seem to have to be removed.

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