Advent 9517 Screen

  whurley 13:05 04 Feb 2010

My laptop was slammed shut and now the screen display is faded.

I've tried adjusting the brightness using the F7 & F8 function keys but this has not resolved the problem.

What do I need to do?

  howard64 10:05 05 Feb 2010

you might have broken the backlight - if so you will either need to find out how to replace it and where you can get a new one from or take it to a repairer.

  whurley 14:28 05 Feb 2010

I've already changed the inevrter, is that what you mean.

  howard64 15:16 05 Feb 2010

no - laptop screens are normally illuminated by small fluorescent tube or led lamps in the latest most expensive.

  whurley 23:34 05 Feb 2010

Dear Howard 64.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my query.

However, it appears that I changed the backlight invertor on my laptop.

This was situated in the casing under the bottom of the screen but this has not changed anything.

Please excuse my lack of knowledge on this matter as I'm not really clued up!


  MAJ 23:52 05 Feb 2010

If you take the screen's frame apart, usually six to eight starhead screws located beneath little 'buttons' on the face of the frame, you will gain access to the rear of the screen itself, where you will see a cable, coming from the main body of the laptop, that is attached to the back of the screen. Check that cable's connection to the back of the screen.

  northumbria61 00:01 06 Feb 2010

If you require a new screen they DON'T come cheap !
click here

  northumbria61 00:07 06 Feb 2010

Another LINK for replacement should you need it but I do hope it turns out to be a loose connection as suggested by MAJ

click here

  howard64 12:50 06 Feb 2010

whurley not sure what you mean by an inverter - The only inverters I know of are small electronic printed circuit boards that convert a dc signal to an ac one. What I am talking about is the illumination for the screen. The normal screen lamp is a thin electric lamp the length of which is about the width of the screen.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:27 06 Feb 2010

How faded is faded?
If you can not see the display at all but laptop appears to boot then possibilities are:

1. Screen broken
2. inverter broken
3. Backlight broken
4. Lid closed button stuck down
5. screen connector ribbon cable damaged.

  whurley 20:51 06 Feb 2010


Thsnk you for your responses.

The images on my screen are a little faded but I can read your messages. Some colours like blue and grey are difficult to see.

Can you confirm that the inverter and backlight are two different components. As i said earlier I changed a component at the bootom of screen which was about 6" long. I thought that was an inverter.


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