Advent 9112 Laptop, can't use the camera

  joeys_murderdoll 19:50 07 Jan 2008

I got an Advent Laptop 9112 and can't figure out how to use the camera that is installed. There's also no information in the handbook. I tried to use it on messenger but it tells me there's no camera. Please help.

  Crash 21:09 07 Jan 2008

Is there no programs istalled no the system to use it? Try pressing the Fn + f10 keys together to turn it on

  wjrt 21:15 07 Jan 2008

take it to pc world and get them to show you how it works and explain to them politely that the full operation should be in the manual

  joeys_murderdoll 21:28 07 Jan 2008

thanks, that was easy. I am just a computer idiot. thanks so much. that instantly solved the problem.

  I_fly_low 19:29 19 Jan 2008

I asked very assistant at PC world and not one could work the webcam... I pressed Fn + F10 like you said and the green light comes on but that's it, so perhaps you wouldn't mind explaining to me how you've managed. Had a look at the manual and nothing in there! Are you happy with the laptop though? It is now 449.99 with free norton if ordered online- dropped £30 this week - anybody knows a cheaper supplier than PC world?

  mellydrink 20:07 19 Jan 2008

I have same problem I have tried the fix and green light comes on but still no camera showing any further advice please.

  I_fly_low 22:38 19 Jan 2008

It seems unbelievable that there are no instructions in the manual but that is the case. Still they tell you how to carry your computer and even draw a sketch... Arrrrghhhh.
Is that laptop any good anyway?

  bluebel bby 16:28 29 Jan 2008

when i press F9 and F10 together a green light doesn't even come up. do you think it is a duff camera or a setting is wrong? help me please!!

  oneveloeno 12:38 07 Feb 2008

i had the very same problem, i depressed fn and f10 buttons to discover the camera activated but no sign of it being accessed by any program.
the solution i discovered was to do a complete destructive re-install with the fn and F10 buttons depressed showing the camera activated with the green LED on. as windows re-installed it recognised the camera and is now operable.
good luck!
ido have only one criticism - the angle of the camera dos not suit my ergonomics and it cannot be changed.

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