Advent 7109 Laptop Dim Display and buzzing sound

  FTL 09:32 13 Jan 2010

Hi there,

I have the afore mentioned laptop.

Yesterday i turned it on and the BIOS splash screen came up fine, then the rest loading into XP and the OS itself it very dim and can be barely made out.

Immediately suspected the inverter so went to work getting to it.

Further playing this morning and if i toggle the screen input button (FN+F4) i can get the desktop to flash up for anywhere between 1-5 seconds depending on where the inverter is, i can manipulate the wires, put pressure on the board and it can stay on for upto 5 secs, then it goes back to its dim dispaly.

When the display shows properly though for the brief period after performing the above, it flickers and there is a buzzing sound.

I thought the buzzing sound was from the inverter, but after moving that to the other side of the laptop i can confirm the sound is coming from the bottom left hand corner of the screen itself.

Does anybody have any suggestions/thoughts on what it could be?


  Graphicool1 09:53 13 Jan 2010

Sounds like a loose connection?

  Graphicool1 09:59 13 Jan 2010

I believe there is a button on a laptop that changes the brightness. Look at your manual.

Also you may find the picture to be darker when using the battery, as opposed to the mains. It's an energy saving feature.

  Graphicool1 10:02 13 Jan 2010
  Graphicool1 10:05 13 Jan 2010
  FTL 10:20 13 Jan 2010

thanks graphic,

Post #1 - loose connection maybe - i took out the actual LCD panel a few moments ago and have reseated everything and its staying on for longer now, i can see the backlight flicking still when looking at the rear of the LCD panel itself. Maybe dodgy power from the inverter?

Post #2 - it deffo is nothing to do with brightness control, the display is dim so that it has to be directly under a lightbult/torch to vaugely make out whats on the screen , normal classic inverter problems but the buzzing from the lower left corner of the screen is throwing me!

Post #3 - Can get the display to briefly flash up if i toggle the screen output button 3 times but then it goes dim within a few seconds again accompanied by a buzzing as though something is shorting or some interference from somewhere

Just to add aswell i cant actually get it to output to an external monitor, although it may be a setting in the BIOS but i cant see the BIOS screen to make any changes! :)

  Graphicool1 12:57 13 Jan 2010

It's beging to sound like the problem might lie with the Graphics Card. Try checking that it's seated correctly.

  woodchip 13:12 13 Jan 2010

Take care round Inverter when switched on it can kill. Is the above when running on Battery only? Or when Power Brick plugged in

  FTL 14:33 13 Jan 2010

graphicool1 - the graphics card is onboard so cant do much with that im afraid!

woodchip - the symptoms appear in both conditions.

  Graphicool1 15:41 13 Jan 2010

How old is this laptop?

  FTL 16:48 13 Jan 2010

best part of 4 years old

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