Advent 7102

  Shutt1e 19:01 23 Apr 2006

Waht games could a Advent 7102 run i have left the specs at the bottom of page if they help
AMD Sempron 3000+ Processor

1600MHz System Bus
128KB cache
40 GB Hard Drive
DVD ReWriter Drive
15.4" Widescreen Display
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
128MB ATi X200 integrated graphics

  Totally-braindead 19:04 23 Apr 2006

Not sure why you didn't continue on your original thread as you haven't marked it as resolved click here

  Totally-braindead 19:05 23 Apr 2006

And I've just noticed another one as well click here

  SANTOS7 19:07 23 Apr 2006

Rather an open ended question, decide what games you want to play and look at the minimum specs if they are within the bounds of your PC specs the game will play.
The only stumbling block i can see is your graphics
spec, mind you most PCs seem to fall short for top end games in that department anyway...

  Shutt1e 19:10 23 Apr 2006

what is so bad about the graphics?

  Totally-braindead 19:21 23 Apr 2006

Laptop graphics are ok for most things but not for games. Regarding what it will play probably most if not all of the games more than 2 years old. Have a look at the budget games, they will probably all run fine. But it was a very good buy at the money.

  Shutt1e 19:27 23 Apr 2006

so world of warcraft would run quite well then seeing as u only need a 64mb graphics card and 512mb ram

  SANTOS7 19:29 23 Apr 2006

Shutt1e, at the time it was probably up with the best of em, but as Totally-braindead suggests it may not handle top end games and those you do play may have to be set to 800-600, best bit of advice see if you can borrow a game that will test your running capabilities and go from there.........

  SANTOS7 19:31 23 Apr 2006

If you have WoW, bung it on and see how it performs,
be a shame to buy such a game and find your lappy keeps locking up...

  Shutt1e 19:35 23 Apr 2006

i have the game but i havent got the laptop yet thats y i wanted to no if the game would work on the laptop before i bought it

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