Advent 7066m laptop memory location

  gtscot 16:02 18 Jul 2005

Can anyone help ?

I have the above mentioned laptop and cannot find where the memory slots are. I checked with Advent support and low and behold they dont know either.
Rather than paying PC World £35 for the priviledge of doing it for me (thats if they can find where it goes), does anyone know how to get to the memory slots

  wee eddie 20:19 18 Jul 2005

You got a CD with the Laptop. It should have all the detailed diagrams on it, mine turned out to be under the keyboard.

I have an earlier Advent and I could not see how to remove the keyboard. So I went back to PCW.

I had to buy a couple of other things anyway, and they were very quiet so they agreed to fit it for free!! The first stick he picked up turned out to be not what was written on the label of the sealed pack. The second stick was faulty. No charge and some good local craic at the same time!

These were both manufacturers problems, not PCW's, but had I tried to do either stick at home, I'd have been in trouble.

However, once I'd seen it done, doing it myself was a doddle, apart from the keyboard clip that didn't quite fit back properly, so now all is well.

  Dipso 20:50 18 Jul 2005

Not your model but may help click here

  wee eddie 21:50 18 Jul 2005

I eventually used straitened safety pins to hold those wee clips back!

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