Advent 7017

  The Birk 19:11 23 Feb 2006

Hi guys! I have an Advent 7017 laptop. The laptop was working fine until suddenly one day the screen just stopped working... I initially thought it may of been the screen (Of course) but i did start to wonder if it could of been anything else as i tried plugging it into my desktop computer screen and still no luck :( Its a real shame as i could really do with this laptop back in use. Any ideas what may be wrong? Thanks for your help!

  rmcqua 19:16 23 Feb 2006

Could be all sorts of things, the most likely being the on-board graphics adapter. I'm no expert on laptop repairs but I know they can be very difficult if not impossible, except for simple problems.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:25 23 Feb 2006

An sounds of fans running?

leds lit? Beep as it boots? sound of HDD running?

When you connect external screen usually ned to press a key to switch to external screen rather than laptop display.

  The Birk 19:28 23 Feb 2006

Yeah, all startup noises sound normal, all LED's flash.. Yeah the FN button and F4 but no luck.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:42 23 Feb 2006

Certainly sounds like the gaphics card,

had a jolt?
jarred loose?

take it apart and check all connections.

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