Advent 7011 Notebook keeps crashing...

  Mr Hyun 22:03 17 Sep 2003

My notebook works fine most of the time, but recently it switches itself off after processer intensive programs, for example games. When I first bought the laptop, I could play games without any problems, but now it starts switching off at the most inconvenient time. Any reason why it does this?

Also recently, whenever I start up the notebook, after I have logged in and windows has fully loaded, the computer keeps reporting that it has recovered from a serious error, even though there is nothing wrong on shutdown or error. Why is this. It's getting a tad bit annoying now.

Thanks in advance.

  Buachail Mór 22:06 17 Sep 2003

it switches itself off after processer intensive programs: possibly overheating - check that the fan vents are not blocked.

  Mr Hyun 22:16 17 Sep 2003

I always make sure the fan and airways are clear, but the laptop still gets quite hot underneath. I even prop the laptop up so it gets clear ventilation.

  kinger 23:15 17 Sep 2003

My desktop PC kept giving me 'recoved from serious error' very often.

I contacted Microsoft and after a windows update session on the Internet it was cured.

So go to 'Windows update' and download the latest critical updates first, if your notebook can stay on for that long, of course.

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