Advent 5312 dead - are PC World any use?

  MrFantasy 12:38 29 Jul 2009

I have been given an Advent 5312 which started cutting out at shorter and shorter untervals until it wouldn't start again. It was made June 2008, but I've no paperwork. Mains supply will charge battery while it's in the laptop.

I tried all the usual: start with mains only / battery only / both / hold in power button 30 secs with neither, etc. Quite dead.
Memory tested OK; HDD OK; gradually stripped components out, but still no flicker of life. removed MB to access power button, to find that it's built into MB. Cannot probe to see if power is actually getting anywhere.

I emailed 'The Tech Guys' and got a receipt saying 'we'll be in touch'. They weren't, so responded to their receipt and got another receipt. No human response. I see they have lots of refurbished 5312s for sale - customer returns?!

How much will a MB cost? The only spares listed for this are battery and charger. If I would like 'The Tech Guys' to DIAGNOSE (not FIX) the problem it will cost me £70.

Any suggestions as to what the problem might be please? Better still, how to fix it! Or any other course of action - a friend suggests I dismantle it for spares.

  wee eddie 13:28 29 Jul 2009

Overheating is the first port of call when laptops boot correctly and then close down.

Hoover and a Blower, should do the trick, alternately at every hole. A stiff brush to clear the fluff first would be good.

  woodchip 13:33 29 Jul 2009

Check the Power Brick for output Volts with a meter

  MrFantasy 14:02 29 Jul 2009

This does not boot correctly. It will not start at all. It was not particularly fluffy when I got it, and having got as far as removing MB, I pretty certain it's nothing do do with overheating.
I'm told the battery was good for about an hour when the machine was working; the power supply shows 20V, although I cannot be sure how many amps it is capable of. An alternate power supply (which works on alternate machine) gets exactly the same response.

  woodchip 14:35 29 Jul 2009

Take the Hard Drive out, see if it will boot to BIOS

  MrFantasy 15:08 29 Jul 2009

I first removed memory and ran memtest on this; also tried different memory on this machine. No problem detected, machine dead.
Removed HDD and tried to boot; still dead.
Removed DVD, then wireless device, and tried again still dead.
Unplugged everything else possible, bit-by-bit. Still dead.
Removed MB to access power switch. Under the nice big button on top, this is a flimsy little thing on MB (can't remember the TLA for this 'one touch on' or something). Don't know if power is getting to it, whether this is working or not. The trouble is, can only access this button with MB dismounted.

  woodchip 15:12 29 Jul 2009

It will not boot without memory in

  MrFantasy 18:32 29 Jul 2009

Sorry if I was not clear on that. I had to run memtest with the memory on a different machine, as this one (you guessed it!) will not start. The memory is fine. While that was running, I tried starting the Advent using the memory from the other machine.

  MrFantasy 16:17 31 Jul 2009

No more ideas then? And I've still no word from 'the tech guys'.

I get the impression that fixing things might not be the done thing nowadays. If swapping a couple of readily interchangable components isn't the answer, you're stuffed. If you want any component other than a battery or a charger, it's a long shot. (An earlier laptop got retired due to lack of spare keyboard) Memory and HDD ...and maybe DVD drive might be possible, beyond that...?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:40 31 Jul 2009

No signs of life on a laptop usually means throw in bin, as repair / replacement of parts costs more then machine is worth.

As you obviously know what your doing to get the machine stripped as far as you have (most people would baulk at stripping a laptop) then its always worth doing as a learning exercise if nothing else.

If adaptor OK then next component is usually bad power jack on the power supply board however your comment that "Mains supply will charge battery while it's in the laptop" would suggest that is OK.

As for the power button, can you short out (momentarily) the contacts / connections on the (underside)board where the button is mounted?

  woodchip 18:39 31 Jul 2009

Get a Eyeglass and have a look for a break in the print on motherboard or a dry joint near the the main battery plug and also power socket

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