Mumoftwo 10:21 02 Sep 2008

I have just bought a Advent 5302. The info about it said that it was wireless enabled. However when i tried to install BT broadband onto my laptop the only way i could do it was by using the two cables that came with the BT hub and connecting them into my laptop.I was under the inpression that i wouldn't have any wires connected to my computer! Can anyone please tell a "not so computer literate person" where i am going wrong?

  tullie 10:34 02 Sep 2008

Once connection is established,and cables have been removed did you turn on the wifi switch on laptop?

  Mumoftwo 10:46 02 Sep 2008

If i take out the cables then i loose connection to the internet. I have had a look through my booklets that came with laptop and i can't find any mention of how to turn on the wifi.

  Quiller. 10:48 02 Sep 2008

To follow on from tullie

You press the Fn and F10 keys at the same time to enable the LiteOn WN6301L Wireless LAN on your laptop.

  Quiller. 10:51 02 Sep 2008

for XP

right click the single monitor screen in the right hand side of the task bar nand pick view available networks. Select your and pick connect. Enter the BT's code, twice.

For Vista

Control panel > networks > and pick connect to a network. Select yours and enter the code, once.

  Quiller. 10:52 02 Sep 2008


To follow on from tullie


  Mumoftwo 14:02 02 Sep 2008

Thanks i'll try that later.

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