Advent 4211 - Outlook

  Baz 999 23:26 04 Oct 2008

I have just bought a Advent 4211 micro computer, but I can't seem to copy my contacts list from my desktop. The import on the Advent has a wab extension and won't recognise the pst extension on Outlook on the desktop. They both use Outlook, why are they not compatible? Can anyone help, please. There also doesn't appear to be a Calendar in the Advent's Outlook!

  brundle 00:22 05 Oct 2008

Are you sure you're not mixing up Outlook and Outlook Express - the former uses .pst files, the latter uses .wab files and has no calendar. click here

  MarvintheAndroid 00:22 05 Oct 2008

Are you sure the Advent is using Outlook ? Sounds more like Outlook Express - they are different. Please check and post back.


  Ashrich 00:34 05 Oct 2008

Doesn't the Advent 4211 only have Outlook Express ? I'm running OS X 10.5.4 on mine , but I don't remember it having Outlook on it .....OE uses .wab address book extensions .


  Baz 999 09:21 05 Oct 2008

Brundle, thanks, the Advent does indeed run Outlook Express. I now know the difference, however, I don't understand how to upgrade to Outlook on the Advent or at least import my address book from Outlook on my desktop.

  Baz 999 10:21 05 Oct 2008

Beta, Thanks, I'm getting there, I have successfully exported my contact! Now could someone tell me how I sychronize my Outlook Calendar with MS Works Calendar. Works would not accept my csv file import.

  Baz 999 10:33 05 Oct 2008

Beta, Good point, sorry to be stupid but how do you install MS Outlook. I have searched and can't find a way.

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