Advent 3604 Recovery Disc - HELP

  afrodisiac 11:12 23 Jan 2003
  afrodisiac 11:12 23 Jan 2003


My PC's harddrive was recently replaced by PC World and has been given back to me in a complete blank state, the engineer said I needed my recovery disc as he nor the store had one.
I cant find one anywhere.
Does anyone know a way around this? Or where I can find one?

Your help would be very much appreciated



  afrodisiac 11:46 23 Jan 2003

noone? :o)

  AndySD 12:04 23 Jan 2003

I believe you will need to check the reciept for your computer to see if they supplied one as standard as with some companys you need to pay extra to get it. But saying that what CD's and floppy disks came with the PC.

  afrodisiac 12:09 23 Jan 2003

well windows ME was already installed on it, all I got was a load of cr*p software like Works 6.0 etc.
Its really irritating that they dont seem to have any answers as to how I get my PC working again!

  rmn 12:26 23 Jan 2003

surely you pay for windows therfore you should have it in some form or other.if you have to pay extra for a restore disk with it on thats paying twice?.surley pc world are responsible for restoring the o/s if its there machine.

  AndySD 12:43 23 Jan 2003

Did it come with a floppy disk?

What is the model number of the PC

  afrodisiac 12:45 23 Jan 2003

Its an Advent 3604 with Windows ME, they're really unhelpful, I cannot believe how terrible they've been to be honest

  afrodisiac 12:50 23 Jan 2003

It didn't come with a floppy disc no.

  AndySD 12:50 23 Jan 2003

I'm off to lunch will be back soonish.

  afrodisiac 13:34 23 Jan 2003

Thanks mate

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