advent 3118 recovery disc

  paulhis777 14:07 23 Sep 2008

please can you help me is there anywhere on the net i can download a SYSTEM RECOVERY DISC
for my ADVENT 3118 PC
as mine are damaged
done a disc check error`s come up
one site wanted £23
thanks paul

  Why wont it work 15:00 23 Sep 2008

I think you will, unfortunately, have to splash out the cash. I had an Advent 3316 a fair while ago and it didn't even come with the restore disks. I looked around the internet to no avail and eventually had to buy them from PC Service Call or whoever it was that looked after the warranty for the pc.

  zab 13:53 24 Sep 2008

Advent is made for PC World and Currys (DSGi) you will need to contact The Tech Guys click here and yes you will have to pay for them see click here={8cbf9c3f-2d03-4c17-bb07-12d8697950b9}&CatID={b866ceac-25ba-4838-a049-6749942c9a11}
New machines all come with the restore in a partition on the hard drive which in most cases makes it easier to restore. This should still be backed up to a DVD in case the hard drive fails.

  tullie 13:58 24 Sep 2008

You usualy get a prompt to make a recovery disk when you turn on machine for first time.The disk is unique to your computer.

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