Advancetech Triple SLI problem

  Tigertailz 16:08 13 Oct 2008

My System is as follows

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 BX80570E8400A Socket 775 3.0GHz 6MB Cache - Overclocked
Asus Striker II Formula Motherboard
OCZ 4GB DDR2 PC2-9200 Dual Channel Reaper Hpc Memory
BFG GeForce 768MB 8800GTX OC2 Graphics Card Triple SLi Mode
500GB 7200, SATAII Hard Disk Drive
20x Dual Layer DVD±RW Drive
Coolermaster RC-1000 Cosmos Silent Full Tower Case
Tagan TG1300-BZ 1300W "6 VGA Rails" Gold Plated PipeRock PSU
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Pre-Installed

I have a problem with my triple SLI computer, i haven’t used the PC for about 5 months as i have been working away from home, i arrived back a few days ago and switched the PC on, once Vista loaded, i then downloaded the latest graphics card drivers, as i wanted to install Crysis Warhead new game (latest drivers required) . When i ran the installation everything appeared to work ok, then it boots into vista, again no problem, as soon as i switch the 3sli mode on in NVIDIA’s control panel and reboot, the computer gets as far as the Microsoft bar at the bottom of the screen and then no video signal on the monitor, i have had this problem before, it was sent back to AdvanceTech for repair and it has been working ok.
I can go into safe mode with a video signal, but it won’t allow me to go into full windows with a video signal, i can hear windows start up sound and the OS appears to have loaded but i can’t get a video signal on the monitor, i have tested on 3 monitors all with same result. How do i fix this? Is there an inherent problem with 3sli and the new drivers? or is it just my Computer, the problems i had before it was fixed were similar, only back then i couldn't get a monitor signal right from the start even the bios splash screen wouldn't show on the monitor, AdvanceTech technical support is impossible to get in touch with, i have a feeling there tech support is almost as bad as MESH, oh i hate MESH Computers with a vengence. anyway all help would be greatly appreciated.

  retep888 18:10 13 Oct 2008

This is a well known problem with the Striker families,I'd suggest you to take one ram stick out leaving just one in (if it's 2x2gb)and try again.

Have you updated your Vista to SP1 yet?
What version of bios is your mobo on?

If that works,fine,if not then you may have to take out one 8800gtx or 2 leaving just one on the primary slot.(The top one nearest to the CPU)

Patience is needed,it took me a month to stablize my system although I have the SIIE with 2x GTX280.

  TopCat® 18:21 13 Oct 2008

Try reverting back to the previous drivers that worked. If all OK again then the driver download may be corrupted or incorrect.

Could also be a graphics card not seating properly. TC.

  Tigertailz 10:23 14 Oct 2008

i did manage to get back into windows in safe mode and did a roll back to previous drivers with no success, still no response from monitor, so i took the cover of the case and pressed lightly onto the all three of the graphics cards, replaced the case and the computer went into full windows, this has happened before and i did the same, it only lasts for a few days and returns to no monitor signal again, as far as removing the ram or 2 graphics cards, i did not spend $2000 on a triple sli computer only to be left with 1 graphics card and 2gb of ram, this is not an option, if this is a problem with the stricker motherboards then how come AdvanceTech says otherwise, i don't like been sold dodgy hardware, especally at this price tag. can anyone give me hard evidence so i can take my problem to advancetech, as they are saying nothing at the moment. as the system is still under warranty would i have a chance on getting my money back?

  Tigertailz 15:15 14 Oct 2008

This is the reply to my help request to there technical department.

Dear Sir

The issue you are experiencing is normally related to the drivers sending the signal at a resolution that is incompatible with your monitor, a common fault with updated drivers, To re-enable the graphics in the OS’s normal mode, simply press F8 while the system is booting and in the OS choices screen you will see “Enable VGA mode” once this is enabled you should be able to load windows normally, I would advise that you rollback the driver installation so that you can see if the new drivers are the only thing at fault.

Please contact me if you have any more problems or this does not fix your fault.

My answer is bollocks! i checked this and it is enabled in the bios, this was one of the first things i checked when i got the problem.

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