Advanced Windows Care Personal Edition 2

  Condom 19:00 21 Sep 2008

I have just come across this wonderful little program which has a very small footprint and is a breeze to use. It is just like a mark 2 version of CC but oh so much better. It is completely free and has no spyware or anything attached to it. There is one little niggle as it does try to point you to the Internet to upgrade to the Pro version but that is easily stopped from happening by using your firewall to refuse it and then you are left alone. You can get it at click here It will search and remove spyware, and stops spyware from installing by immunising. A bit like S&D. It will also clean up and repair Registry errors and invalid entries. It optimises and repairs the system configuration and checks and fixes start up problems. It also does a privacy sweep to erase Internet activity and traces and to boot gets rid of junk files. All done at the click of a button. And it all only takes a couple of minutes. It also can do lots more if you want to get into it but for a really good general sort up and clean out it is simply wonderful to have it all in one little program. Give it a try and see what you think.

  tullie 20:20 21 Sep 2008

Has been around for eons,a lot of people on here use it i believe.

  Condom 20:30 21 Sep 2008

Sorry I didn't know about it before. I tried the search forum first and nothing showed up. The latest version found stuff my other programs missed.

  tullie 21:36 21 Sep 2008

Yes its a good programme.

  pj123 13:51 22 Sep 2008

Been using it myself for months.

Of course it is now Advanced Windows Care 3 Beta 3.1.0

You need to update!

  pj123 13:56 22 Sep 2008

Should also have said I don't use this program solely.

I still use Ccleaner, Adaware, SuperAntispyware, Spywareblaster, AVG and Zonealarm.

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