Advanced System Care Pro

  algernonymous 20:53 16 Dec 2011

When I run ASC (the free version) it flashes the names of files it is scanning along the bottom. Some of these are actually preceded by the word 'Trojan' so I'm guessing these are baddies. However, when the fix has completed it tells me there are still a number of infected files on my PC but these can only be removed if I upgrade to the Pro version. Now I don't mind paying for this if it's going to do the job so what are the thoughts of the learned gentlemen (and ladies) on this forum of this program. Is it worth paying for? (is there something better?)

P.S. When I run Avast it reports no problems.


  Peter 19:56 17 Jan 2012


I found the same thing when I allowed the programme to update itself.

I also updated from the 4.2 Pro version to 5.0 and it showed as Pro until an update took place. After that the programme started to nag rather a lot about updating from the free version to Pro.


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