An Advanced PC User wishes to Program!

  welshwizard712 16:39 08 Oct 2004

I am 15 and ive built pc's, mastered webpages and twiddled around with windows based progs!

Im Bored!

I feel i should be moving onto programming. I have searched on Google and found tutorials on many different languages including

C, C++ and Java.

I dnt seem to follow these guides though. And trying to find a compiler which has a tutorial with it is a night mare i find!

I really want to learn C++ as it has been reccomended by a friend of mine. I am very willing and self learn evrythin myself usually so i feel im capable of picking it up.

Any ideas of books? or courses i cud go to say in my local area North Wales would be great.

Im really open to any advice at all!

Thnks to anyone who helps!

  SANTOS7 16:43 08 Oct 2004

click here this may help,good luck

  pj123 16:44 08 Oct 2004

Try this one. click here

There are plenty more on Google.

  welshwizard712 14:45 09 Oct 2004

i found some E-textbooks and they actually are making sense to me.

Thnks u 2!

Anyone have sum experience in C++ which can give us sum tips wud be really appreciated!

thnks agen


  hugh-265156 15:36 09 Oct 2004

im told this is a good one for beginners click here havnt tried it myself.

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