CPU Magnet 19:38 15 Jan 2003
  CPU Magnet 19:38 15 Jan 2003

Today I noticed that I had two small pink boxex on my FIC AZ11E motherboard. Something like cers on were written on both of them. One was labelled 'ADR SW' and 'ADV SW'. On each of the pink boxes there are four swithces. Only one of the switches on each of the boxes are flicked. please note the SW probably stands for switch and that these boxes look about 1cm by 1cm square.

  jazzypop 19:55 15 Jan 2003

You can download your mobo manual at click here

There will be a layout diagram, with both of these banks of dip switches clearly labelled.

They are most likely to set the FSB speed and processor speed.

  CPU Magnet 19:59 15 Jan 2003

Thanks a lot Jazz, that is deffinelty very helpful website. Superb stuff thanks a lot again.

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