adsl.wan light not working

  bruvver 14:26 29 Jan 2008

windowsxp/with a dynamode router. i have read several related matters in archives, and presume my current difficulty could relate to house telephony. i am using a filter, and acc to Tisacli i have bband connection. their helpline is recorded message stating all their services are working. Have i missed any obvious ways of solving problem. i am trying to help myself but recognise i may need more expertise. any suggestions please. thank you

  Clapton is God 14:30 29 Jan 2008

Apart from "adsl.wan light not working" you don't actually say what your "current difficulty" is.

Are you having problems connecting to the internet?

  bruvver 15:26 29 Jan 2008

sorry sir, i fell at the first. yes i am not able to connect. a friend put everything together for me to download etc before xmas. i obtained Broadband effective from 27.12 and took advice via phone about 2 wks ago. so sice i have tried to investigate poob. all along wan was off although occasionally it glowed very weakly for a second. thanks for your interest

  Clapton is God 15:34 29 Jan 2008

Have you confirmed with both BT and your ISP that your line is now BB enabled?

Have you tried an alternative router and/or modem in case the current one is dead?

  bruvver 15:43 29 Jan 2008

i have line and bb with tisacali, as indicated my latest enquiry indicated that the service was active albeit a recorded message. i do have a speedtouch supplied bi tiscali, which i could attempt to set up i suppose i had hoped that there could be an obvious alternative as it were i m happy to give it a go and let you know the result thanks

  bruvver 17:50 29 Jan 2008

to claptonisgod. thanks i had thought about using speedtouch but i just couldnt believe that my 50 quids worth of router was useless. now ill hav to seach for the warranty/// any way brilliant i really do apprciate your support. thanks to pc editior also

  bof:) 20:33 30 Jan 2008

bruvver, can I ask, how close is your PC and modem to where your BT phone line comes into your house?

The reason I ask is that a friend of mine's PC would not work in the bedroom he had converted into an office at the back of his house but if we took the PC and modem to the hallway down stairs and connected to the BT phone line socket by his front door, his PC would connect to the internet.

The Tiscali helpline said, that the reason why the PC would not connect to the internet whilst in the office was because, the length of the phone cable from the BT socket by the front door to the office was too long and the resistance from this weakened the signal from the internet.

  bruvver 16:55 10 Feb 2008

thanks ,i have been able to get bb but still playing up. i think i am too far away from phone connection. in addition im in a country district in ne scotland and strength of adsl limited to 1mg. this may be why my dynamode router isnt mch cop. thanks bof and clapton isgod.

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