ADSL/Phone connections

  sil_ver 16:53 24 Jun 2003

I'm to join the wonderful world (hopefully) of broadband tomorrow 25th. Perhaps someone can tell me if it is possible to use my present 56K lead with a suitable adaptor to plug into the microfilter? The reason I ask is because my present lead is about 10 metres long and it would be useful to be able to swap between ADSl and 56K as and when necessary. Anyone know where a connection converter can be bought if this lead is suitable?

  sil_ver 18:59 24 Jun 2003

Thanks for the replys. I perhaps didn't explain myself. I'm aware of the requirements regarding ADSL and Analogue connections. What I should have said is, is the quality of the lead I am presently using on 56K suitable for use with ADSL if I fit a phone jack/RJ11 converter.

  graham√ 19:44 24 Jun 2003

You can use the same lead without any converter or adapter of any kind, you will still have a phone socket to plug into. ADSL does not replace the phone socket, it just plugs into like a telephone or modem like you have at present. The lead you have at present will still plug into a phone socket for 56k modem, it is entirely seperate from the ADSL equipment.

  sil_ver 20:29 24 Jun 2003

I want to use the same lead for ADSL INSTEAD of 56K. but as there is a phone also connected to the same outlet I need to use a filter which means I will need a BT to RJ11 adaptor.

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