ro1 13:36 17 Aug 2003

From: marfbum (Original Message) Sent: 17/08/2003 10:18
hi -i thought to try DeskMates which had come up on my screen, then cos a - 4"x2" DeskMates ad/logo came on which i didnt like - i uninstalled it, i thought, but the logo wouldnt go..... i tried ad/remove start menu etc. which got rid of all files, but this - logo- is still i e-mailed DeskMates who were kind enuf to reply and told me to do what id already done, then 'printscreen' it and send it to them - that i dont understand. situation now is stalemate can you help please?????????????????? oh yes, itried different wallpapers, too, but the logo stays firmly in the foreground, rightside middle......

  ro1 13:07 19 Aug 2003

with regard to my question - i was advised to install spybot - which ive done and even updated it - but that dashed logo DeskMates will not budge - any clues......................

  ro1 14:23 27 Aug 2003

have now installed ad-aware 6, but like spybot it wont take off the logo from my screen - are these two really necessary and is there anything recommended joy

  ro1 14:22 28 Aug 2003

ANYONE PLEASE.............

  JoeC 14:28 28 Aug 2003

start with Windows ? If it does, is there anything in your MSCONFIG file that can be unticked ?

  john-232317 14:29 28 Aug 2003

You could try installing again, then uninstall through add or remove in control panel,

  ro1 15:05 29 Aug 2003

hi joe and dadyassa - nothing in misconfigure file (i finally found it) as for uninstalling - im loathe to do that as my pc is only a few weeks old. the people who put the dashed logo on my screen helped me as much as they can, but no good yet.......but thank you both joy.

  JoeC 16:30 29 Aug 2003

Try searching for all files - *.jpeg or - *.bmp to see if anything turns up. Something like " deskmates.bmp " or " deskmates.bmp ".

  john-232317 18:48 29 Aug 2003

May sound obvious but have you tried hiliting it and delete.

Or right click on it to see if it gives any options.

If you reinstall it may give you option to uninstall it using the program.

  ro1 12:24 30 Aug 2003

hi joe tried the file search DeskMate was 'kind' enuf to help there, but to no avail

hi dadyassa been trying the right click wont budge ...thank you both though/ joy

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