ADSL which modem and which type and make

  Dave911 18:35 24 Sep 2004

I am going to get broadband shortly and will go with Nildram - when the exchange is enabled!!!

Question is, do I go for a PCM or do I go for an external - trouble is I have run out of USB slots (however I am going to upgrade to USB2 so can get one with more)

Anyone any ideas which is the best route to take, internal or external and which modem performs the best. I have read in the forums about ethernet and this gives more reliable connections - can anyoine enlighten me as to what it is what I require and which is the best.

Yours confused


  Noelg23 18:45 24 Sep 2004

go for Ethernet....especially if your running out of USB ports...a USB modem can take alot of power from those ports and allow the other components to not function properly so you would be better off getting a ethernet one...and when it comes to ADSL always go for external modems...never get internal ones cos when your having trouble connecting and you dont know whats happening with the wont know how to solve it whereas with an external one you can tell cos the lights tell you whats go for ethernet if not get a USB one but if do get a USB one..make sure it has its own power supply so it dont take away power from the other components using USB...hope this helps...

  JIM 18:46 24 Sep 2004

going with Nildram as it's supported etc.
click here

click here

click here

  Dave911 19:04 24 Sep 2004

Thanx for that guys, however I am still at a loss to what ethernet is, is it a wireless link to your modem or what, is it a much more expensive route. I am sold on the external modem but still am a little bit confused as to what I need.



  Noelg23 19:15 24 Sep 2004

No ethernet is not that expensive there are USB modems out there more expensive than some Ethernet and Ethernet is not wireless altho you can get wireless modems...Ethernet is basically a network know when you want to connect a few PCs together you have what is known as network cards in the PCs...without these the PCs cannot be connected to make a network..also to have this network you need either a hub, router or switch depending on what you want...but the simplest form of networking is peer-to-peer...networking two PCs with a single network cable again they need network cards also called Ethernet a google search and you can read about them...I didnt start to know about Networking until I was about 20 and I am now 24 so I have a bit of knowledge but not as much as the real experts out there...but this is the start...hope that helps...and go to click here and check out the prices of some ethernet and USB ADSL modems...

  Mikè 19:18 24 Sep 2004

A lot of pc's have an ethernet port built in, it's about as long as usb but a bit wider.

  Dave911 19:23 24 Sep 2004

Thanx guys I will have a look tonite and see where I need to go - BTW Noelg23 I am 46 and still confused!!! maybe its the male menopause



  Noelg23 19:28 24 Sep 2004

Thats fantastic...I hope to get that when I reach your age mate...but it cant be that bad you should at your prime! but check the site out and do a google search too...

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