ADSL - Voice Modem?

  safeway 21:59 11 Nov 2003

Is the facility, which is available to users of 56k dial-up modems (i.e. data/fax/voice) where you can use telephone, send/rec fax and emails (using appropriate software) and connect microphone and speakers, available to users of ADSL modems? Is a ADSL voice modem available on the market? I would like to connect microphone and use telephony facility on ADSL.
I am connected to Tiscali via ADSL but Tiscali say their modem does not provide this.

  Jester2K II 22:02 11 Nov 2003

Doesn't ADSL mean you can use the phone line for fax and telephony whilst the ADSL connection is in use? Or have i mis-understood???

  LastChip 22:17 11 Nov 2003

ADSL is a data medium. You cannot hold a telephone conversation through an ADSL component, other than voice over the internet.

The telephone line is effectively split, between the normal telephone service and the data part of the line.

You can if you wish, have both your ADSL modem AND a conventional modem connected to the same computer. You can then use your 56K modem for voice or FAX as required, bearing in mind, you will pay normal telephone rates for these services.

  Jester2K II 07:33 13 Nov 2003

I understand that but I want to tie my phone line into Outlook and use my Contact file and connect via my pc. It would appear this can't be done.
I believe I can use my telephone via internet connection in some way.

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