adsl usb psu+filter please help

  ozzy 123 16:15 06 Apr 2004

Hi ive just been reading the dabs advert in this months Pc Advisor and came across an adsl usb psu +filter the advert went on to say,
What if you Were able to Connect the internet upto 25 times faster than with a standard moden and never miss a phone call and never log off.
Quick linx number 17p6pv.
could you please tell me if this is a device to use on a standard dial up internet conection and not broadband. can this device really make your diall up internet faster.
i am eager to know because i live in hull and can only get karoo which is hulls own internet service provider because hull owns its own telephone exchange and doesnt allow any other isp to use there lines and there broad band is too exspensive for me to use.

  jpark2 16:32 06 Apr 2004

The filter advertised will be for use with an ADSL line, which is a high speed computer line provided like Broadband by your telecom company.
Sorry but it won't help you in your case.

  Graham ® 17:06 06 Apr 2004

If you went for their 1GB per day, which should be ample for most people, it's only £27:99.

click here

  Gongoozler 17:30 06 Apr 2004

This is a confusing advert. What is being offered is a standard usb adsl modem click here. If you subscribe to 1G broadband, then this modem could give you up to 25 times the typical speed a dial-up modem gives.

In the same issue of PCA is an advert for OnSpeed that also gives the impression of being more than it really is. This is simply compression software that you use with your dial-up isp. If the data is compressible, then for about £2 a month in addition to your dial-up isp costs, you MAY get faster data transfer.

  ozzy 123 17:38 06 Apr 2004

many thanks to all your help is invaluable.

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