adsl usb or internal modem which is best ?

  dazzling (work) 11:22 12 Aug 2003

BT are going to enable my exchange for adsl broadband on nov 17.can i have some views on modems please.i have heard a couple of horror stories about usb modems but nothing at all about internal ones.which would you recommend if any.thanks in anticipation darren.

  NEOSPHEAR 11:41 12 Aug 2003


  The Sack 13:11 12 Aug 2003

I did not realise dazzling (work) was deaf.

Most if not all USB modems draw 500mA, the maximum current a USB port can provide is 500mA. If the modem draws a little more, or the USB port can not sustain the current required the OS shuts the modem down and you have to re-boot.

However, most mobos can sustain the 500mA required and if they cant you can tell the OS not to shut it down in the modem and USB properties. If the problem persists you simply place the modem on a powered USB hub and the problem goes.

  Giggle n' Bits 13:22 12 Aug 2003

USB Broadband modems used with BT Broadband/ADSL etc.

2 main problems is a conflict with SIS Chipsets on the motherboard only cure by adding a PCI USB card.

other problem is the Intel USB modems and the BT Broadband drivers are very poor, installing the Intel branded USB modem with BT Broadband is/can be a nightmare and BT pass the buck to Intel (Call Intel in Seattle BT Say) or Intel say its BT.

Check out USB Modems at click here and look at the details required for setting up a USB Modem. You are expected to fill in a Worksheet which BT will not give your the settings for there service. I could go on.

Personally NTL Broadband is a reliable service but can start with slight teething installation probs but can be easilly cured via 20min call to Ntl support.

Also to you guys at Ntl support for Broadband. Excellent tech support last time.

  dazzling (work) 13:25 12 Aug 2003

horror stories had couple of friends with problems,had trouble with aol over what the sack was saying over motherboards not being able to suppourt the 500mA current and aol blaming computer refusing to change modems etc and just generally being difficult with people.and im sorry for shouting forgetting the etiquete again in my excitement please forgive me.darren

  dazzling (work) 13:28 12 Aug 2003

no joy no cable in my area and no plans for it.

  Mango Grummit 13:46 12 Aug 2003

I'm with AOL and have no problems on two machines. On one (older) machine I do have to put the modem through a powered USB hub if it is to be reliable. This would be the same with any ISP and with any modem. AOL was correct regarding your friend as changing the modem would not have made one iota of difference -- it was the computer, as per The Sack's explanation.

  dazzling (work) 08:55 15 Aug 2003

point taken but it was aol who sold her the modem and said she would have no she knows nothing about pcs she took there word for it,they never mentioned there could be a problem in the end she had to buy an internal one so she paid twice.had she known she could have bought an internal one in the first place.i have to say bt never mentioned this when i spoke to them either they just give you a list of specs and if your pc meets them they say everything will be ok.

  Megatyte 09:46 15 Aug 2003

Internal modems are cheaper, keep your USB free for something else, and there's also less clutter.


  dazzling (work) 14:57 16 Aug 2003

thanks guys.darren

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