ADSL with two computers in one home.

  [DELETED] 21:08 30 Sep 2003

Can I go onto the internet with two computers at the same time if my household has ADSL broadband?

I am thinking of using an ADSL modem in each computer, plugged into the ADSL wall socket (through a microfilter), using the same ISP and username, etc.

Can it be done, or do I need to do it through a home network?

  graham√ 21:21 30 Sep 2003

You will need some form of network. You cannot connect two computers to one modem, or two modems to one line, at the same time.

  rickf 21:26 30 Sep 2003

Yes, I use a modem router with 4 ports which allow me to connect up to 4 comps simultaneousely. Typically, the Netgear DG814 is very good. If you also want to share files between the comps you'll have to network.For the web it is just a matter of plugging them in.

  [DELETED] 21:49 30 Sep 2003

If you only have two computers you can network them with an ethernet card (pci slot) in each of them and a cross-over cable connecting them. One of your machines will then be connected to the ADSL modem and be on line. The other will use that one as an internet gateway. Only drawback is that the gateway pc has to be switched on for the other to go on line. If that would be a problem then you would need to use a router as suggested by rickf.

  [DELETED] 22:42 30 Sep 2003

check this site .. don't know if they are any good though.
click here

  [DELETED] 10:11 01 Oct 2003


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