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  Noelg23 11:28 22 Sep 2004

There was a post put in a few days back and I am sure it was CurlyWhirly who mentioned the site...I just want to know what the name of site was that allowed you to check what distance you are from the local exchange when you entered your postcode...thanks..

  johnnyrocker 11:29 22 Sep 2004

try click here that may be what you are looking for


  Noelg23 11:38 22 Sep 2004

No johnnyrocker I know that site...I use it all the time to check up on ADSL news...its not that one...CurlyWhirly will know she posted it a few days back but I cant remember the name of it...

  Old Shep 11:42 22 Sep 2004

Is it this click here

  Noelg23 11:47 22 Sep 2004

nope not that one either...

  Djohn 12:32 22 Sep 2004
  Djohn 12:41 22 Sep 2004

Don't type in your phone number. Type in your postcode then click on check, when it comes back with the result click on Locality and it will give you the exact distance. I'm 750 metres from my exchange.

  Noelg23 12:42 22 Sep 2004

yes thats the one I wanted thanks...

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