ADSL Router or Modem Router?

  Gaz W 19:51 09 Nov 2004

A friend has asked me about sharing their ADSL connection between computers and it looks like a router is the best option, not Internet Connection Sharing, since they don't want to rely on one computer being on.

Anyway, the setup is Tiscali broadband, 256K I think, and the modem is a Sagem 800 E2L PE.

Would it simply be a case of plugging this modem into any standard router, or would it be better going for a modem router and replacing the Sagem one altogether?

Thanks in advance,


It depends on what sockets the sagem has.

It may have just RJ11 (Telephone socked) and USB. That means that you cant plug a router into it...

The Modem/ Router can be brought quite cheaply now from many places... have many many selection from net gear d-link and the other main manufacturers that people use. I have also heard about some of ebuyer's value router's/modems are also good being re-badged version of other major manufacturers models...

  Gaz W 20:11 09 Nov 2004

Thanks for the quick reply!

It appears that the Sagem does only have the USB and RJ11, so it's either a modem and router or modem router. Looks like ebuyer might be the best place to go...

Here's one of their own brand ones: click here

Think that would be any good?


  TomJerry 20:15 09 Nov 2004

excellent is my experience

  Gaz W 20:18 09 Nov 2004

Excellent! Thanks for your help. I think they will be ordering that one then...

Just one question about it - would it definitely be compatible with Tiscali broadband? I can't see it not being but it's best to make sure!

Also I notice that there's no firewall on that one, but that's not really a problem because they can just install ZoneAlarm on both machines.

Thanks again,


Should be compatable with any ADSL ISP.

  Gaz W 20:24 09 Nov 2004

Excellent... I do believe the thread is resolved!

Thanks for your help,


  TomJerry 21:55 09 Nov 2004

but, software firewall is easier to configure

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