Adsl router

  neil67 11:56 18 Sep 2006

I have been offered free of charge a cable/dsl router,i am unsure if i can use this i dont think i can but would like someone too let me know.
It is a linksys model no BEFSR41 ver.2,i am on virgin broadband.
Hope someone can help
thanks neil

  dms05 12:40 18 Sep 2006

It looks as if the Linksys may be for use on a Cable connection. If your Virgin BB comes over a BT copper wire system then you would need an ADSL router.

  neil67 12:45 18 Sep 2006

ok thanks for your time

  ade.h 14:29 18 Sep 2006

That is indeed a Cable/DSL router, so no go for you I'm afraid.

  r2wtrials 16:22 20 Sep 2006

.. may be worth contacting virgin and telling them you may move to another provider who offers a free wireless router.... you may be lucky and they will send you one free of charge if you stay. Works best if your 12 months is coming up :)

  Tim1964 17:57 20 Sep 2006

As it's a Cable/DSL router it will work with either a cable BB service (NTL) OR an ADSL BB service (i.e. Virgin).

As the router hasn't a modem in it, it will require an ADSL modem, which I guess you already have as you're on Virgin.

I'm using the same wireless router with my ADSL service as I did when I was with NTL.

  ade.h 18:00 20 Sep 2006

That only applies to a number of specific DSL routers and a smaller number of ADSL modems. You have generalised your advice far too much.

  Tim1964 23:02 20 Sep 2006

To quote the linksys site

click here

"Share your high-speed cable or DSL Internet connection with multiple computers"

My Linksys wireless router doesn't need to 'know' what type of modem it's connected to as long as it's a modem via ethernet.

  ade.h 15:56 21 Sep 2006

Tim, that is a cable/DSL router. For cable connections. PPPoE, not PPPoA. Okay? It might work, provided you have the correct interface; it would require a modem with an RJ45 interface and ADSL/RJ45 modems are very unusual. Conversly, some old routers used to come with a supplementary USB socket to accept USB modems. Likewise, rare.

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