ADSL PCI modem versus Modem Router

  Chegs ® 11:07 04 May 2004

I have been running an ADSL PCI Conexant modem for 12mths but recently changed over to a Modem/Router.I have found that my connection since changing is very flaky,trying to listen to streamed radio is impossible most of the time.With the PCI modem,the longer I was connected,the better the connection seemed to be,with the Router,the longer its connected,the worse it gets.

I used a "crossover" cable to connect the other PC via my PC to the net with the PCI modem,but most games refused to work thru this arrangement.The Router has only 1 free port(for a second PC)so I am tempted to purchase a four port Router/modem,but would like to know if anyone else has experienced any difficulties of a similar nature.Testing the connection doesn't reveal any probs with speed,but online games are often interupted by dropped connections(especially stateside)

I am thinking this Actiontec modem/router is "noisy" electrically(compared to the PCI modem)but wouldn't have the faintest idea on how I could check this other than by changing the device.

Anyone recommend an Modem/Router(but not an expensive one)or wireless(as I installed the CAT5 cabling before the carpets were layed)

  byfordr 11:33 04 May 2004

click here Some very good offers for Wireless...

Would recommend the all-in-one Netgear DG834G (£100 including a free desktop or laptop adapter)

Never had any down time or slow downs. A joy to set up (under 5 mins)


  Chegs ® 11:55 04 May 2004

I dont need wireless,I have already got the cabling installed.I dont wish to spend £100 on another router either,the Actiontec cost me £41 so am looking to spend under £50 again,but I realise that the cheaper options could simply create the same probs I'm having.I haven't had any slowdowns(still get 50+ Kbs/s)or downtime(Eclipse has always given me stirling services)My only problem has been with streamed radio,but after a few weeks of continuous probs its looking more like my hardware thats the problem,not the stream.(click here)This is the radio station I listen to,as my house is at the bottom of a valley broadcast FM reception is poor,this is why I want the web

I am going to ask my mate if I can borrow his Modem/Router for a few hours,see if it behaves.If it does,then I can buy the same device as it locally.

  Chegs ® 13:52 04 May 2004


  Chegs ® 20:09 04 May 2004


  [email protected] 21:20 04 May 2004

Chegs ®

is this what your looking for?

click here

  Chegs ® 23:07 04 May 2004

WSX,its along the right lines,apart from having read the write-ups from other users this router is a whole heap of trouble.It needs various ports switching off,or it will welcome external probes from hackers,etc.They suggest its OK as long as you use a software firewall,the device I have already(Actiontec)has its own internal firewall.I have been having a poke about in Linux on my other puter,and am presently listening to the streamed radio with no problems,so it is looking like the USB connection I use for my XP puter is somehow "noiser" than the NIC connection(although I wont be able to test it properly until tommorow daytime)

  Chegs ® 14:28 05 May 2004


  byfordr 15:30 05 May 2004

Sorry misread your original post.

click here A bit over over budget. But you get what you pay for...includes a hardware firewall.


  Chegs ® 19:25 05 May 2004

Thanks for the responses folks.I will be changing the router I have now(borrowed a mates and ran it for a couple of hours today,and it never missed a beat.Connected mine up and off it went,stuttering thru the stream)I also reconfigured my puter to use the LAN instead of USB and it made absolutely no difference,it still struggled with the streamed radio.

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