ADSL - NTE5 possible issue?

  shires82 13:51 26 Jan 2010

I have been experiencing issues with my broadband where my DSL intermittently drops numerous times and will reconnect after 60 seconds. It will also drop with an incoming phone call.
When removing the BT faceplate and connecting directly to the test socket my connection seems stable.

After annoying calls to my ISP they are stating that it is my internal wiring that is causing the issue, however I have no internal wiring! The master socket is the only connection in my house. I have no extensions. The only thing connected to my master socket is the ADSL filter which has my router and telephone connected. I have replaced the filter with 2 different new filters - no joy.

Where is the issue? Could my faceplate be causing the problem? What is the faceplate needed for?

  User-1229748 20:16 27 Jan 2010

if your connection from the test socket is stable then you could remove the bell wire or buy an i-plate click here

  shires82 09:56 28 Jan 2010

After returning from work yesterday I checked my router logs and it seems that the connection is not stable after all. It had dropped at least 7 times in the test socket. Also incoming phone calls still disconnect the dsl.

I have tried:
1. A second router
2. Multiple filters, including daisy-chaining 2 filters from the master socket.
3. Different RJ11 cable
4. A second NTE5 faceplate
5. Multiple telephones

None of this has made any difference. The DSL will still lose sync at random intervals. BT cannot see a line fault. My ADSL provider have passed to Cable & Wireless who are responsible for the ADSL 2+ line upgrades.

I cannot see this issue being resolved! Worried that if a BT engineer visits I will get charged £130 although I have tried everything I can think of to diagnose the fault.

  gibfish26 10:58 28 Jan 2010

shires82,i have recently gone through same ADSL was like a car indecator and would drop completely,had no connection for over a week spent hours on phone with tech support who had me turning my PC upside down,

on there advice i tried all that you have done,new router,cables,even a new laptop,no joy it came down to a visit from engineer who tested and said all was fine,but he changed master socket and also a outside junction box which was badly corroded inside,he also replaced the wire that linked both together,problem solved my connection has never been so good.hope this helps.


  User-1229748 21:26 28 Jan 2010

mine drops when receiving an incoming phone call,even when there is no phone plugged in.3 routers,4 filters,3 pc's,3 ethernet cables.oh and an iplate i've managed is to put the answerphone on so the phone only gives 7 rings and now it's a 50-50 whether it disconnects.the dgn2000 i'm using now definately holds the connection better than the dg834v5 x 2 though.pretty sure what gibfish26 suggests would cure my problem but i just know that virgin will blame bt and vice versa so it'll be £130 :o(

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