ADSL Newbie Connection Question

  willo500 22:47 29 Oct 2003

Hi I have just installed broadband connection on my pc. I have always understood that broadband connections were connected at all times i.e. from when you first boot your pc up to when you switch it off. In fact mine requires me to click on Internet Explorer or the modem icon and then a dial up box appears. This connection is made in a very short period of time and the conncection speed is certainly fast enough but I just wonder if I have done something wrong in the installation? Any help appreciated.

Sorry if this question is naive but I'm not an expert as you have probably gathered.

Thanks in advance for all advice and help.

  JFT 22:52 29 Oct 2003

Your connection is fine, you still have to dial in with ADSL, if however you had Cable Broadband, as soon as you click internet explorer you connect right away.

  Jester2K II 22:52 29 Oct 2003

Nope ADSL needs to dial up (albiet very quickly)

Only Cable Broadband and above is true "always on"

  willo500 22:55 29 Oct 2003

Thanks for the speedy clarification folks.

  DieSse 00:21 30 Oct 2003

Just to put the record fully straight - there can be different types of ADSL protocols.

Most of the latest modems use PPPoE - which means a type of "dial-up"

Some use LAN/RFC1483 - which is "always connected", and has no dial-up box. I have one of these - but most newer set-ups I do are with PPPoE.

You can't choose - it depends on your ISP and the type of connection you get.

  willo500 19:04 05 Nov 2003

Thank you chaps. Could you possible tell me which ISPs offer the automatic connection? Thanks

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