harleydog 01:55 26 Oct 2006

At present I have adsl b/b with tiscali. I have a tel extension cable from my front door running round skirting boards upstairs to my pc's modem. I was hoping I could get a asdl b/b router modem to replace this cabling (just altered house - ext built), ie adsl tel line>router>wireless connection to pc via router/usb 2.0 adapter.

However, reading my netgear manual suggests that I need to have the pc connected to the router via ethernet cable. Is this true? I thought I would be aiming to eliminate cabling.

Only one pc at present but purchasing 2 more for children.

help! If wireless is only possible for additional pcs and one pc must be connected to a router then I am no better off and have to install cables...

  €dstowe 06:32 26 Oct 2006

Until recently I used a Netgear 834G router which had no wired connections to my computers.

I'm now using a BT Home Hub which, likewise, is not physically connected to the computers. In fact, BT recommend that their hub is used wirelessly even though it has the facilities for several wired connections.

  €dstowe 06:34 26 Oct 2006

Posted too soon.

I seem to remember that Netgear suggest using at least one wired (ethernet) connection for maximum reliability but I'm pretty sure this is not a requirement.

  GRFT 07:09 26 Oct 2006


  hastelloy 07:20 26 Oct 2006

I use a Belkin wireless router with 2 pcs and a laptop all connecting wirelessly. It's better to connect via cable for initial setup though. How good a signal you get will depend on distance from the router and what is in between (ie walls, electronics etc.).

  ^wave^ 08:28 26 Oct 2006

the only reason that you need to have an ether net connection to a router is for the initial setup as you may not be able to connect to the router until you have setup a wireless network once that is setup then you ca take away the wires

  Technotiger 09:27 26 Oct 2006

Hi, I use a Safecom ADSL Modem Router, permanently connected to main pc via Ethernet cable and Ethernet card in pc. Running two laptops wirelessly in other rooms. With BT BB.

Works perfectly, and the Router was easy to setup - even though I too was a newbie when I first did it.


  jimmer409® 09:33 26 Oct 2006

you just need a wireless modem/router powered up and connected to the phoneline, than a wireless device (pci, usb, etc) for each computer, you can than wirelessly connect them all.

  harleydog 13:24 26 Oct 2006

so ethernet for initial set up only. thanks all.

  Dipso 13:57 26 Oct 2006

Worth mentioning though I think that firmware upgrades to the router should only be performed via wired connection.

  jimmer409® 18:01 26 Oct 2006

what dipso says is very true, never try to upgrade wirelessly.

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