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  Glokta 10:20 21 Jan 2012

I have recently purchased a high end gaming computer, delivery imminent, I neither need or desire a wireless router and at present I have a very old ADSL modem (Speedtouch)should I replace this modem and if so what with?also how will this affect my ISP provider and will it involve a complex set up? Any advice would be much appreciated.

  Secret-Squirrel 10:23 21 Jan 2012

"present I have a very old ADSL modem (Speedtouch)"

Would that be a USB-connected Speedtouch by any chance?

  spuds 11:48 21 Jan 2012

If its the old Thomson/Acetel SpeedTouch 220, then consider a replacement. But having said that, some Thomson routers do have the 'better' chipsets installed.

Check to see if your ISP is using LLU, because there are routers available, that are best matched to this system.

You might consider asking your ISP for a replacement router. TalkTalk who is my ISP, have supplied me with three free different make/brand replacements over the years.

Most routers nowadays are not all that difficult to set up. If there is a problem, then advice is easily available, here or elsewhere.

A final point: Because you have purchased a 'high end gaming' computer,or considering changing the router, doesn't mean that you will get 'high end' gaming, because it will all depend on what your ISP can provide at the end of the day!.

  Glokta 13:54 21 Jan 2012

Thanks for the prompt response people! Yes it's a USB connected modem. I really want to avoid a wireless router if at all possible and thought maybe I should purchase an ADSL modem more capable than the one I have such as an ADSL2??? whatever that is. It may be that it's not necessary, just trying to eliminate everything that may affect the new computers performance?

  Secret-Squirrel 14:13 21 Jan 2012

"Yes it's a USB connected modem."

If your new PC's running Windows 7 then you'll never get it to work reliably. So, because no one makes USB modems any more, you will need an ADSL modem/router that connects to your PC via an ethernet (network) cable.

Like Spuds has mentioned, get in touch with your ISP and they may send you a free one (although they may ask you to sign-up to a new 12-18month contract).

Another option is to buy one - HERE'S an excellent router that's also relatively inexpensive. It works with all ISPs where the broadband comes down the phone line and is easy to setup - just pop the CD in and answer a few questions.

As you don't want the wireless bit you can simply turn it off. I can tell you how to do that if need be.

  Batch 14:34 21 Jan 2012

You will most likely get better performance from a modern modem/router. I've got a fairly recent 3com router and an even more recent Thomson router (supplied by my ISP - PlusNet). The Thomson one certainly has an edge over the 3com one in terms of speed.

My PlusNet has just upgraded the service in my area to ADSL2+ and definitely get better throughput than with plain ADSL2.

I can't be certain, but your old modem is probably not compatible with ADSL2+, so if your ISP goes down that route you won't benefit.

You can always just switch wireless off in a modem/router's settings.

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