ADSL modems

  dreamer 21:47 05 Sep 2003

Will be connecting to Broadband via the phone v soon - any recommendations for single PC ADSL USB modems and where's best to buy?

  oglemire 22:31 05 Sep 2003

for a single pc why not use the DSL router your ISP provides

  clayton 22:41 05 Sep 2003
  wags 23:02 05 Sep 2003

Pipex are doing a good deal at moment. About £17 odd for activation and an Alcatel Speedtouch 330 USB modem and 2 micro filters.

  JMG 09:39 06 Sep 2003

I have had absolutely no bother with the basic conexant ADSL modem and it was a synch to install.

  iashem 13:14 06 Sep 2003

try force9 they are offering modem & activation for £24.99 a month

  koko 22:41 10 Sep 2003


we have three pcs 2 running xp and the other win98 and want adsl available to the all is there a way of connceting them to an adsl modem via usb rather than ethernet as i've not had much success with networks.


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