ADSL Modem/Router

  Yo Ho 12:59 15 Mar 2006

Anyone know of a modem/router without inbuilt firewall. I am uploading ftp footage from my webcams. Works perfect with my usb modem, but to share the net with my other puters, I have to use a router, and that is a pain to setup, and as it won't let me see the live coverage on my web page no matter what, I don't even know if it is working. I have to ring a friend, which is far from acceptable.
My webpage url, if working is: click here

PS, I have an eight port switching hub, so could possibly use that with an external LAN modem??? Any suggestions please.

  Danoh 13:24 15 Mar 2006

I thought it was an advert for a Renault Clio but someone had parked a van instead :-)
(sorry, I'll keep my eye on the birds instead).

You can get routers which lets you have set one port/IP address which is intended as a DMZ (demilitarised zone) and is not covered by its firewall.
Your other PCs will benefit from the firewalls protection and still share the internet connection.
Most routers will also enable you to attach a switch to one of its Ethernet ports.

The pain of setting up routers can also be alleviated by forumites :-)

  Yo Ho 16:53 15 Mar 2006

oooooops. Sorry bout the van Danoh. I have cams in three nestboxes, but will not switch to them till we get residents. Was good last year with just one box.
Anyway, to the point. Could you give me a model which has that DMZ facility please.
At the moment I have a Netgear DG834GT. I rang the helpline, and the guy set it up for me remotely. Worked one day, and quit. I am on the router now, and I have a fixed IP address with Plusnet ISP. It just will not let the the live feed back in to me, so I can see if it's working.

  ade.h 18:03 15 Mar 2006

The Belkin 7632 (avoid the 7633 at this stage) has DMZ and the firewall can be disabled if necessary. As it ought to be capable of in any router.

  Yo Ho 18:32 15 Mar 2006

Thanks ade.h. Have been looking at the D-Link DSL-300T ADSL Ethernet Modem. What do you think? Can the D-Link, or Belkin 7632 be connected to my 8way switching hub ok?

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