ADSL modem to router network problem

  dontaskme 12:25 12 Nov 2004

I'm trying to fix a friends network whose recently got broadband.
They have computers running Windows XP, a D-Link DSL-300T modem, and a NETGEAR FR328S router.

The network was working (it was disconnected when i arrived). I have worked out how to get the adsl modem working connected straight to the computer, but not plugged into the router. The modem is setup by entering it's IP in a web browser, it doesn't respond when plugged into the router.

I've looked through the networking thread, but can't find anything.

Any advice, need more info?

  dontaskme 13:32 12 Nov 2004

Is it likely to have anything to do with dhcp?

  Urotsukidoji 14:36 12 Nov 2004

having read the bumpf supplied on the netgear website click here

have you let the router do the work for you? - there is a software package that comes with the router

is the modem compatible with the router?

can you ping the router?

can you connect to the router and bring up the web interface to configure the router?

have you configured the firewall/ vpn both on router and client side?

have you phoned netgear?

  Rioja 18:33 12 Nov 2004


have a look through my response in this thread. click here
It will work.


  dontaskme 19:27 12 Nov 2004

Urotsukidoji, the router works connected to the computer. I can't ping the modem through the router.

Rioja, I was getting deja vu reading the problem. I'm going back tomorrow so will try it then.

"I would suggest configuring using static addresses, not dhcp."

Should i turn dhcp off on both the modem and router? I couldn't access them after i did and had to reset them. I didn't enter an IP on the computer though (I'm just trying to get a network of one working first), so that's probably why.

"The PCs and LAN side of the wireless router must be on one subnet, e.g. 192.168.0.x - mask, and the modem LAN side and wireless router WAN side must be on a second subnet, e.g. 192.168.7.x. - mask . Remember for the PCs the Gateway will be the LAN address of the wireless router but the DNS address will be the LAN address of the modem. Configure the WAN side config of the wireless router with it's Gateway and DNS as the LAN address of the modem."

Sorry i'm a bit confused with that, I'll explain how i've interpreted it. (I'm working from memory, but it's usually good) For the PC in the lan properties, i have to enter the Gateway which is the IP of the router ( What do i put as the IP if the modem's IP is The DNS servers supplied by the ISP are and .10, Where do these go?

I'm not sure what to put in the router internet settings.


  Rioja 20:51 12 Nov 2004


Whilst I believe dhcp should work, I always prefer to allocate ip addresses statically to ease faulting in future as you will know exactly where each network element is.

If your router's LAN ip address is, then each PC should have a unique ip address in the same subnet, e.g or, and their gateway should be set as . The DNS settings can be those you quote or, if the modem acts as a DNS relay, the ip address of the modem (

The Internet connection settings of the router should be set as:

Broadband - No Login

Account name/Domain name - leave blank

NAT - Enable

Internet IP address - Use Static address
IP Address - 192.168.1.x (eg
IP Subnet Mask -
Gateway IP address -

DNS - use same settings as PCs

Router's MAC address - use default

This should now enable you to access the modem's configuration pages by entering it's ip address ( into your web browser.

Remember when you configure a PC with a new ip address to follow it with a reboot.



  dontaskme 00:38 13 Nov 2004

That sounds perfect. I'll let you know tomorrow.

  dontaskme 00:42 13 Nov 2004

Just one last question, should i disable dhcp in the modem?

  Rioja 10:53 13 Nov 2004

I would, although it should create no problems to leave it on.

  dontaskme 12:57 15 Nov 2004

I turned dhcp off in the modem, but left it on in the router. This was the key:

"Broadband - No Login

Account name/Domain name - leave blank

NAT - Enable

Internet IP address - Use Static address IP Address - 192.168.1.x (eg IP Subnet Mask - Gateway IP address -

DNS - use same settings as PCs (used the ones i quoted)"

Took about 10 seconds. Thanks for the very helpful advice.

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