ADSL - Modem or Router what & why?

  Revenant 11:01 20 Jul 2004

I'm on the verge of signing up for ADSL, mainly so that I can work from home. I've got a nice new machine & am wondering whether it's worth getting a 'Router' installed as a FOAF said this was the way to go.

So.. what is a router? internal/external? does it make a performance difference over an ADSL Modem?

If I stick with the ADSL Modem, will I be seamlessly online? or will I still have to 'activate' a dial-up to send/receive email or connect to remote networks?

Ta. Simon

  goonerbill 11:12 20 Jul 2004

if you are only going to have one pc connected to the net, you will not need a router. a router is only needed if you plan on having more than one pc connected to the net and not using one of them as a master pc ( can connect 2 pc's to net using network connections but the master pc must be on for the other pc to gain access to net ) a router is similar to a network hub and allows 2 pc's or more to gain access to net independently.

hopefully someone else can explain it a bit better.

really all you need is your ADSL modem if its just you connecting to net.

  byfordr 11:39 20 Jul 2004

heres quite a detailed thread click here explaining the ins and outs of a wireless network.


  interzone55 11:51 20 Jul 2004

As mentioned above, you only really need a router if you want to connect more than 1 PC to the net.

Some routers have a built in ADSL modem click here for a DLink model, so you just plug this into the phone line and plug your PCs into the router.

This particular model also acts as a hardware firewall, saving you from having to install a firewall on each PC, but one useful feature is that any router will prevent casual port scanners from accessing your PC, as your PCs IP address is not presented to the Internet.

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