ADSL Modem

  version8 11:56 14 Aug 2008

I have a modem that i got when signing up to BB.
Is it possible to just buy a new one & use my own?
Or do i have to use the one supplied by virgin media?

  iqs 13:06 14 Aug 2008

You might have to use the supplied modem from Virgin,it has an unique MAC address which allows the modem to connect.
If you bought a replacement,you might have to contact Virgin or 'spoof' the modem.

Others might be able to offer more info.

I'm win Virgin,the Atlanta modem I have work fine for me.

  iqs 13:08 14 Aug 2008

should be 'with virgin 'not win virgin :-(

  LastChip 16:30 14 Aug 2008

Even if Virgin supply you with a new one, the MAC address will be different. They are unique to each device.

Any modem will do, provided you determine whether you are supplied via cable or ADSL and buy the appropriate type.

  iqs 16:40 14 Aug 2008

I contacted Virgin sometime ago about MAC addresses,they informed me if I bought a replacement modem(none virgin) or was supplied a virgin modem,they would have to update my details,ie mac address.Were they wrong??

  LastChip 17:24 14 Aug 2008

The point I was making was, it doesn't matter whether you buy a modem via Virgin or somewhere else. The end result will be the same. They will have to update the MAC address on your account, as this is one of the parameters they use to identify you as being a genuine account.

If you buy a modem/router, it is often possible to spoof the address. In other words, you simply tell the device to use your original address. In that case, the router will broadcast the address you have provided, and the Virgin (receiving) equipment will be none the wiser.

  iqs 17:53 14 Aug 2008

LastChip,I thought they were being inaccurate again,not the first time.Thanks for clarifying the issue,cheers

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