ADSL Modem.

  Meshuga 19:45 10 Oct 2004

Has anyone any info on the Alcatel Speedtouch 330ADSL modem. Reliability-efficiency and particularly Ease of installation for a knownothing newcomer to computing, ( not me I hasten to add). Thanks, Meshuga.

  Dorsai 19:51 10 Oct 2004

I have an alcatel speed touch modem. i don't think it is a 330 model. But i got it as my 'free comes with BB modem' was a pain in the nether regions.

That is all i can say really. It's lime green, and works.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:53 10 Oct 2004

click here

Install easy but do in correct order or will give problems

1. make sure USB enabled on coputer

2. install speed touch drivers

3. lastly plug in modem (DO NOT plug in modem untill drivers installed)

  Hamish 19:55 10 Oct 2004

I have the 330 modem, speedtouch, grey in colour, supplied by BT. Works well and very easy to setupas it is a USB model

  SANTOS7 19:55 10 Oct 2004

I have said modem, and the installation software that comes with it are very easy to follow, any probs (Can't forsee any) your in good hands i, along with others i'm sure will be glad to help,good luck

  easyrider 19:58 10 Oct 2004

Seem to remember a review of an Alcatel modem in an earlier edition of PC Advisor not sure which one.I think it said that it was hard to set up but quite reliable.

  billy 20:07 10 Oct 2004

I got one free with my BT service. They stress you fire up your PC, insert the installation CD, and only connect modem when instructe. It's got a light showing USB is working, and another ADSL is working. Simple. I use Windows Me.

  spuds 20:13 10 Oct 2004

Thomson/Alcatel SpeedTouch 330 modem. Easy to set-up [as per Fruit Bat instructions]. Requires a good USB power connection. Can give problems if you have a motherboard with SIS-ALI chipset [disconnects].

Thomson/Alcatel give good help support,but it took some time before they mentioned problems via chipset[a known fact].There is a possible remedy--fit and use a PCI card [Belkin F5D5000uk]

Tiscali supplied me with a SpeedTouch 330 and a Sagem [email protected] 800, due to problems that I had with ADSL.

  Meshuga 20:20 10 Oct 2004

Would it be advisable to run it off a powered USB hub or will the pc provide enough power.Nothing else USB is connected. OS Win98. I`ve not seen the pc yet so no other details. Meshuga.

  spuds 20:52 10 Oct 2004

I would suggest that you run it off the USB connection to start with. I run my SpeedTouch off a self-powered hub,due to other devices.The SpeedTouch will require at least 500ma.

  Meshuga 21:37 10 Oct 2004

to all.Will tick this closed now as I have sufficient opinions. Regards, Meshuga.

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