ADSL Max.....what is the difference?

  Kerrso05 14:21 17 Apr 2006

Hi there

Can anyone explain the difference between ADSL and ADSL Max?


  arris 14:35 17 Apr 2006

click here and go to what is Max ADSL.

  CurlyWhirly 14:37 17 Apr 2006

Well under 'normal' ADSL if your line doesn't fall within certain limits imposed by BT then you can't get a faster speed like in my case where my Attenuation level needs to be lower than 54 dB in order to upgrade to 2 Mb.

With Max DSL your line is assessed over a 10 day period by a remote server which determines the maximum STABLE speed your line will support.

For example under the old system I am stuck with 1 Mb but under Max DSL I *may* be able to get 3 Mb or more.

Type your telephone number into click here to find out if you can get a faster broadband speed using Max DSL.

  CurlyWhirly 14:40 17 Apr 2006

Better still read arris's link above :)

  Kerrso05 14:55 17 Apr 2006

Thanks guys for those links. That explains it
CurlyWhirly like yourself I am too far away from the Exchange and can only get 1mb from ADSL line. I have checked with BT from the link provided and BT says that I *may* get 4mbs from ADSL Max......which would be good. However everything depends on my SN do you find that? Is there a checker to find that?



  arris 15:02 17 Apr 2006

If you can find your "Downstream Attenuation" and "Downstream Noise Margin (SNR)" figures from your modem/Router, then you can click here and find out.

  Stuartli 16:17 17 Apr 2006

This other thread may help you with the SN ration aspect:

click here

  CurlyWhirly 16:20 17 Apr 2006

I used the link below to find out my line stats when I used to use a BT voyager modem but now that I've got a router, I can find out the info by going to the router's home page.

click here

p.s. hopefully your modem or router is covered? ;)

  Kerrso05 11:39 18 Apr 2006

Thanks CurlyWhirly

I went to that site and the modem was is a Speedtouch 330 and the figures I found were the following:-

ReceiveAttenuation_dB= 57
ReceiveMargin_dB= 19
SendAttenuation_dB= 31
SendMargin_dB= 22

From these figures what is my SNR?

Is it 31db?



  Dipso 15:16 18 Apr 2006

Your downstream SNR is 19. This is the figure that needs to be as high as possible for you to get the best speed from Max DSL but there other things that affect it besides, distance from exchange for example.

Mine was 30 prior to to the upgrade. It dropped to 7-9 dB after the regrade but I am syncing at 8128 so it's possible that you would sync lower if you have a lower SNR than me to start with.

  CurlyWhirly 17:19 18 Apr 2006

As Dipso says as you get faster speeds, the SN/R comes down as the difference in strength between the broadband signal (good) and line noise (bad) comes down.

You need between 6 dB and 10 dB to maintain a reliable connection but this depends on line quality.

So in my example as I have 29 dB to start with (on my 1 Mb line) around 19 - 23 dB can be used to increase my speed meaning that I may be able to squeeze another 2 Mb put of my line to give me 3 Mb in total but I will just have to wait and see.

By the way, when I type my telephone number into click here I am told that:

"Our test also indicates that your line should be able to support a potential ADSL Max broadband line rate of 3Mbps or greater."

Yet when I type my line stats into click here I am told:

"Based on the values you entered, we estimate that your line can a maximum of around 5.4 Mbps"

In other words, you can't take too much notice of broadband estimators but out of the 2 I am more inclined to believe BT's as the DSL Zone one seems a little too optimistic but I hope I am wrong!

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