ADSL lose with Netgear

  jackdouglas7 17:11 09 May 2010

My old Belkin wireless G has died and I went out and bought a nice new Netgear wireless N 150. Unfortunatly it will not find the ADSL so wont connect. Several phone calls to both my internet provider and netgear, and ( on the advice of netgear) replacing the new modem with a fresh one , nothing has changed. I have borrowed an old netgear ADSL router from a mate and that worked first time so its not my BT line, but it doesnt have wireless so my kids are fed upas unable to use their laptops.
No matter what I do I cannot get the ADSL light to stay on.
FYI the internet speed is pants where I live.

You don't explain where these bits of eqmt. are! What is an N150. Explain fully what you've got and where. Sometimes different manufacturers kit will not interwork.

  jackdouglas7 20:00 11 May 2010

Sorry about the lack of info. I was about to throw things out of the window at the time. The item in question is a netgear modem router. I have now sorted the problem so all is well. Many thanks.

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