ADSL Line Sharing

  pcwhizz 16:24 16 Jul 2004

Instead of using a router or network cable to netowrk the brodband to my sisters pc.

Could i connect her to a telephone socket shes got in her room(with microfilter). Ans she still use adsl at same time as me why im using my telephone socket?

sorry if its confusin


  SimianBenzoate 16:44 16 Jul 2004

yeah iwound also like to be able to do this as house is quite big and i dont want to be running network cable everywhere and wireless is too expensive as we have 3 computers to link pribably need a router + 3 wireless cards...

you wont be able to use a bb modem on hers as well as you would be using the same account login and i cant imagine it would let you do this, tho i may me mistaken... unless you sign off broadband on 1 pc then sign in on the other, which kind of defeats the object...

i have heard there is stuff you can buy to network your pcs over the internal phone wiring in your home but not sure of the details... i think you buy a couple of boxes which u stick in the phone sockets and connect your pc to it...they communicate over the phone wiring in your house. not sure if this would work in this co cos the phone cable would also be carrying the broadband signal? maybe you could have a look on google... (i would but at the mo my bb is going slower than a 14k dial up modem...

  vinnyo123 17:01 16 Jul 2004

The best way to share DSL connection over 2 or more computers in terms of flexibility, security and speed, is to use a router.Or you can use Windows ICS(internet connection sharing).

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