ADSL Internet connection 'glitch'

  johnpalmer 07:35 26 Jul 2003

Only recently, my BT ADSL internet connection always fails on the first attempt.

A box appears stating " The computer you are dialing in to cannot establish a dial up networking connection. Your server type setting might be incorrect"

I then press the OK button, and press "connect" in the normal connection window.

The connection is then made and no further problems occur.

I have Windows ME and use Internet Explorer 6.0.2800 with connection via a Westell Wirespeed modem.

Does anyone have a clue what's going on


John Palmer

  Forum Editor 07:50 26 Jul 2003

but I assume that it's approved for use with the BT ADSL service, not all broadband modems are.

It sounds as if your machine is having a problem validating itself with the BT Home Gateway, and the answer may be in the settings for the dial up connection.

go into your dial up network connections and right click on the ADSL connection icon. Select 'properties' from the menu and then click on the 'Networking' tab.

make sure that the server type is set for: PPP:Windows95/98/NT4/2000/internet and that there's a tick against the following items:-


QoS packet scheduler

File and printer sharing

Client for Microsoft networks

There are some more advanced settings you could check, but try these first.

  johnpalmer 10:19 26 Jul 2003

The Westell Modem was installed by BT after I had 2 years of continual problems with Alcatel Modem.

It has worked superbly since new.

My dial up server reads PPP: Internet,Windows 2000/NT, Windows ME.

There is a tick against TCP/IP, but I do not have any mention of the 3 other items you suggest.

There are 2 other boxes which say


IPX/SPX Compatible

Both are NOT ticked.

All these are on the networking window in Properties.

I cannot understand the logic of first time 'don't connect', and second try 'connection fine'

  johnpalmer 09:35 15 Aug 2003

Since hearing from the Forum Editor, I have heard no other responses or solutions.

My connection always fails first time stating fault code 650, but on second try it connects perfectly.

I can live with this, but it is irritating, and has not happened before.

When the connection fails, I am offered the 'HELP' section, but of course how can I access this if I can't make the connection in the first help.

Has anyone got any thoughts.

John Palmer

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