ADSL green light flashing - New Orange subscriber

  woodbury1 11:12 08 Aug 2007

I have just tried setting up orange broadband. After initially getting a connection. I now can no longer connect. I have a flashing green ADSL light (which having read some previous posts seems to be the nemesis of many broadband users).

I have loom at teh orange website trouble shooter and spoken to their call center in India.

Both source suggest checking filters which seem to be in order, and re-installing the modem, which i have done on several occassions. None of these things have worked. I am a little reluctant to call India again at 50p per minute. Could anyone offer any help !!!

  johndrew 12:17 08 Aug 2007

I am presuming that Orange have provided the connection through your exchange; it can take a few days to set up sometimes.

You could start by disconnecting all `phones and filters apart from the one to your PC. It could also be an idea to use the primary socket to the property in case there is a problem in the other wiring.

If you can then connect to the ISP check all filters and reconnect them and the `phones one by one to see if there is a problem there.

If this is satisfactory you may need to try your connection on other sockets and see if they work. If so it is something to do with the one you were connected to in the first instance.

If you can`t connect from the primary socket then you may need to contact BT for a line check.

  woodbury1 12:41 08 Aug 2007

Thanks Johndrew,

I will give your suggestion a try, certainly BT have done their stuff as I did initially get a connection. The phone point is an auxillary one which I wired myself, however it was never a probelm when I was using a dial up system.

I will try unplugging all other devices from sockets as suggested when I get home this evening and see how I go.

Thanks again.

  bretsky 17:33 08 Aug 2007

Could be that your connection is down at your exchange, as the flashing green light indicates this, I've had this with Orange and the tech support should have notified the engineers at your BT Exchange to rectify the problem, you should have been told to leave your system switched on for at least six hours and not to make any outgoing phone calls.

I had an error message with my speedTouch 330 modem something along the lines "error number 1680(I think) no dial tone" which indicates the problem is at the exchange and not the PC, subject to all the tests you have mentioned above, with filters.

bretsky ;0)

  bretsky 17:38 08 Aug 2007

Forgot to say that Orange tech support got me to reinstall modem drivers, swop filters etc etc all to no avail and conceded that the problem was at the my exchange and loads of other people had also reported the problem in my area.......after half an hour on the phone to them!

bretsky ;0(

  woodbury1 20:23 08 Aug 2007

Thanks bretsky,

Earlier this evening I was trying one or two things with filters, unplugging telephone etc,(generally scratching my head) when I was told in no uncertain terms by my missus to, "stop buggering around and help put your daughter to bed". On my return to my PC low and behold my moden ADSL light is on and I have a connection !!!

I can't recommend giving your baby daughter more attention as a fix for connectivity problems, but hey, I take what ever luck I can when it comes my way.

Probably was the local exchange, who knows !!!

  bretsky 21:49 08 Aug 2007

I just hope your are happy with Orange because over the last year or so an awful lot of people aren't, too many links to put in here, but pump "Orange problems" into the search forum above and you'll see what I mean, including myself.

Glad you've got a connection again anyway.

bretsky ;0(

  woodbury1 13:45 09 Aug 2007

Back again,

My connection with orange was all too short lived.

Having had a connection last night for an hour or so I deceided to switch my PC off and try reconnecting again.

Once again I could not get a connection !!!

Do you think I am write to begin to suspect that this could be a problem with the line/exchange or orange in general. The fact that I can get a connection (by more luck than judgement) every now and again would lead me to beleive that there cannot be too much wrong with my modem/pc/filters etc at my end.


  robbiepaul79 13:49 09 Aug 2007

I cant really offer an objective view on this, in my eyes Orange are terrible worst company ive ever had the misfortune to have dealing's with.

Get back onto them find out what the problems are, you should not have to hunt around in forums to get help with things that should work out of the box.

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