andrewsinfrance 12:07 07 Aug 2006

I live in France. I have recently installed ADSL and it runs via an Ethernet cable to the computer. The router is also WiFi capable but I get better speeds with the connection.
Before installing ADSL we used a dialup connection via Tiscali. I have a website that is used to promote our Gîte business which I upload to using FTP Commander and had no problems until I installed ADSL. I am running XP sp2 and the Firewall is active. If I try to connect with either FTP Commander or AceFTP3 the connection will not open. If I return to the dialup OR disable the Firewall on the ADSL service then I can open the connection with either programmes.
A solution in “simple language” would be appreciated!!
Many thanks.

  ade.h 13:34 07 Aug 2006

Open the FTP ports in your host firewall and check the program permissions on your client firewall.

  andrewsinfrance 14:30 07 Aug 2006

The check boxes are ticked but the FTP programmes will only work when the Windows Firewall is turned off.

  ade.h 14:44 07 Aug 2006

You shouldn't be using the ICF, particularly in a network, but if you really want to use it in preference to something decent like Kerio or Outpost, then you still need to open up the relevant ports. ICF is port-based rather than program-based (probably due to being inbound only). click here

  andrewsinfrance 20:10 07 Aug 2006

I dont have a Network - just my PC. I gave up Kerio because it just confused the hell out of me although I am running AVG 7.1 Pro anti virus..
Anyway, I have checked all the boxes I can find and I still can't get an FTP programme to work unless I disable the Firewall.

  ade.h 20:16 07 Aug 2006

You are using a router, so to all intents and purposes, you have a network, albeit with just one client. If you use an LAC, it's basically like a network.

Kerio is one of the easiest firewalls to use; I install it for people who have never used a firewall before.

  andrewsinfrance 08:27 08 Aug 2006

I downloaded Kerio and installed it last night. I did use it about 4 years ago and had problems with it but will give it another try.
It has solved the FTP problem in so far as AceFTP3 now connects OK.
Thanks for the input.

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