adsl filters can i?

  3Toed 21:18 02 Sep 2003

Hello good people,i have at last been informed we should be able to get broadband in november,and i am wondering if it will be ok for me to use two individual adsl filters in a standard phone splitter.These connection points wont have an adsl modem in.Sounds weird i know,but left side of splitter is connected to sky satellite,and right side to standard bt phone.Will be using other point elsewhere in house with another filter for my other phone and adsl modem.Is this ok?Or am i getting it wrong?

  Djohn 21:26 02 Sep 2003

The phone and SKY can be left in a double adaptor, then that plugged into the phone side of "Filter", which is then plugged into your main socket.

Use a separate filter at all other points in the house connecting phones as required. j.

  Djohn 21:28 02 Sep 2003

"Use a separate filter at all other points in the house connecting phones as required" should have included your modem as well. j.

  MIke 21:29 02 Sep 2003

Allyou need to do is plug one filter into your phone socket ,then the splitter into, the filter.A neater solution than using two filters on the splitter.

PS to overcome the dangling filter syndrome, I've blue tacked mine to the wall next to the phone socket, it looks less silly, however you may not have the clearance then to use your splitter.

  3Toed 21:32 02 Sep 2003

Thanks Djohn-makes sense,that way i use only 1 filter at the sky/phone point.

  3Toed 21:33 02 Sep 2003

cheers for the hint Mike

  Djohn 21:37 02 Sep 2003

Also I think, [But not sure], that you can now buy a new face-plate for your existing phone one that has a double outlet on it. 1 for the phone and 1 for the ADSL modem. You will need to know how to fit/wire this, but would look very neat. j.

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