Adsl faceplate filters and good rj11 cable

  Pride park 00:21 07 Dec 2013

Having done a fair bit of research, it seems that replacing a plug I adsl filter with a prefiltered faceplate socket can give much better connections and then using good rj11 to rj11 cable , and I know ppl will say use short run of rj11 cable and the. Ethernet, but it's just not practical to do it that way where I want modem router placed, so I have a long quite good cat5 rj11 cable n a belkin plug in filter, I have download attenuation of 20db and 8db upstream, and most the time I get close to 19mbps on speedtest, but I always wonder if I could make it even better by using a filtered faceplate and adslnation pro+ cable? In other words is there much more room for improvement? I live 900 metres from phone exchange pretty much in straight line, but I can't help but obsess on trying to improve it even more, the SNR only seems to be 3db, when first was on 20mbps, it was 6db, and I'd sync at just over 23mbps, now I'm lucky to get over 21mbps, and for some reason the upload, gets lower every time the router has to sync cos if power cut or whatever, I'm just interested in what ppl have done to improve connections, I have a geeky interest, but it's kinda addictive when you finally improve things lol

  lotvic 23:06 13 Dec 2013

You can soon find out by using the Test Socket, here's how click here

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